Backroom Facials video – Cadence Lux

Another fresh week and time for one more Backroom Facials video is headed your way. This time we have a rather fresh face here. Her name is Cadence Lux and this slutty woman wanted to try her hand at the porn industry. Well you know that we are more than eager to help sexy women get their start and so we arranged for her to also get to fuck our guy after her little interview. Let’s just say that this woman sure impressed everyone on the set when it comes to sex hunger. So let’s watch her go to work and receiving a great cumshot surprise.

As miss Lux is done with her talking, we present her with the guy and she’s more than happy to see him. After she posed nude for the cameras a bit, you can see her as she bends over to let the guy fuck her naughty ass and pussy. See the lucky man as he gets to fuck this horny woman hard style. He even goes balls deep in her holes and the lady just asks him to go faster and harder on her wet cunt at in this scene. Watch the hottie as she also takes the classic jizz load all over her face at the end of the video too. Bye bye everyone and see you soon!

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Backroom Facials – Massive load video

We’re here again to bring you some superb and hot Backroom Facials videos this time. This is why we asked you guys to be sure not to miss our updates this time. You simply can’t let this amazing scene slip by unnoticed because is so great, just like in cum on wives pics. We bring you another sexy and hot woman today as she will get to have some hard core sex and receive a nice and warm jizz blast on her beautiful face. Oh, we’re sure that you’ll like this one and with that being said let’s just get her little fuck fest show started without any more delays shall we everyone!

As her backroomfacials scene starts with the cameras rolling. You can see that this woman is all about the action. She straight away goes for the cock as soon as she lays here eyes on it. And after a nice deep throat session, you get to see the dude lick on her wet and horny pussy. Then she spreads her legs to take his cock as he does a fantastic job of fucking this naughty woman. And eventually as all good things come to an sudden end, watch him as he cums on her face covering it in his jizz today. Bye bye everyone!

Backroom Facials – Lexi Kartel interview

Hi there again guys and gals, today we bring you a nice Lexi Kartel Backroom Facials update. Lexi here is a stunningly sexy and cute blonde with shoulder long hair and she always loves to have sex as much as she can. As you have learned by now, you know in what we deal into so this was just to her liking. And this fine afternoon you get to see this blonde cutie as she goes deep on some serious cock for your viewing pleasure everyone. We can guarantee that you won’t soon forget this little beauty.

Lexi can be seen as she just finished her special interview as she sits on the BackroomFacials black leather couch. As always our dude makes his entry and she’s all smiles and happiness when she learns that she’s going to be receiving some cock today. So sit back and watch her work on that big dick with her pussy. For a nice and classy end you get to see her suck that dick until she gets the jizz load all over her cute face today. Enjoy it and be sure to stay tuned for our next two updates in the following weeks everyone! And if you liked this video check out website and find other videos just like this.


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Kelsy Moore’s interview

We bring you some nice backroom facials videos for today and this time we have here Kelsy Moore. As all of the ladies that came by here she was down to our little “studio” to give an interview and then receive a special treat at the end. So we asked our questions as usual, learning some nice facts about this lady. She was really happy to reveal a bit more about herself to her fans and get the treat that we promised her. Sure enough when the time for the surprise to be revealed came, she was not disappointed to see that she’d get to have sex.


As soon as the guy entered the room, she knew that she’d be in for some steaming hot sex, but she also knew that she was going to receive his load at the end. Well with that she started to undress as she began to suck his big cock to get him ready for her eager and wet pussy. Watch this long haired beauty as she spreads her legs wide open to take his cock balls deep in her pussy today. And at the end watch her plastered with his cum as he finishes. We hope to maybe have here again in the future for some more scenes. Also you might visit the website and enjoy watching some similar videos and picture galleries featuring some gorgeous cock hungry Latina babes.

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Backroom Facials – Jean Taylor and her friend

Backroom facials back again this week and we have a double feature for you this time. In this update we bring you a pair of horny women that will get to have their faces covered with some warm jizz today. The two are Jean Taylor of which we are certain that you have heard of and one of her sexy friends. So without further due, sit back guys and enjoy the jizz fest that ensued after their little happy interview today.

You know that we always bring you the best Backroom Facials pics every week and this time it was no exception to the rule. As the two hotties work on the lucky guy’s big dick they then allow him to jerk off and release his jizz on their faces. So watch the happy little duo as they get their faces jizzed today. As always, enjoy the whole scene and make sure that you don’t miss any pictures. We’re going to come back next week. For similar facial cum and creampie videos check out the website!



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BackroomFacials – Layla Terrace

Another fresh week and time for another update. This one we called BackroomFacials Layla Terrace as we brought you a scene with the lady sharing that name as she gets herself all covered in a nasty and big jizzload. but this hot woman is not here to just take the load from the guy and leave. Oh no, she made him work for the right to do that as he had to fuck her pussy hard style today. And there are also some nice and hot preview clips as well in this one. So in addition to the regular images you also get to enjoy some backroom facials videos just like in asiamoviepass website this time. We’re really eager to see what are your opinions on this scene so let’s get it started.


As Layla did the usual interview that we ask all of the sexy porn stars to take, she was then presented with a dude with a big cock. She was told that she had to take his jizzload on her face. Well she agreed, but on the condition that everyone lets her have some fun with the guy beforehand. she received the okay, and with that she took his dick for one nice ride. We should add that this little lady has a record for riding men’s cocks until they cant walk straight the second day. Well either way, by the end the guy finishes on her face as she gets his load of cum all offer the face. We’re pretty sure that you will enjoy this quick little back room facials update and we’ll see you next time! Curious about another POV scene? Check out this backroom facials video here, it’s impressive!

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Christy Mack gets a messy facial

Today we have fresh Backroom Facials pics for you to see and another special guest. We had down here one more super sexy porn star to give a little interview and enjoy some jizz being blown on her cute and sexy face just like in monsters of jizz videos. Her name is Christy Mack and that name should ring a bell or two. She’s the sexy and hot brunette that took the porn industry by storm as of late and this little woman is sure enough making a name for herself. Let’s watch the hot miss Mack in today’s update and enjoy her super hot backroom facials show!

When the cameras start to roll, the brunette takes her spot on what we like to call the fuck couch. And she answers some questions regarding herself as you might expect for an interview. After she was done we delivered her surprise as well, a guy that was already naked and waiting to satisfy this little hottie. After he got to fuck her cunt thoroughly the sexy lady allowed him to blow his jizz all over her face as she jerked him off. As usual we hope you liked it and we will be returning next week with some more hot women getting facialized.


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Tiffany Cross Backroom Facials

Hey there once more everyone, today we have a quick Tiffany Cross Backroom Facials update. Don’t worry it’s still just as awesome and hot just like the last cumshot pictures. Tiffany Cross is a superbly sexy brunette and she just loves cock. Well what woman doesn’t actually but that’s not the point. You came here to see her take big jizz load and that’s what you are going to get. So let’s get this started shall we?


As this nice BackroomFacials scene starts, the sexy brunette takes her spot on our black leather couch. And once there she patiently awaits for the dude to present himself along with his big and throbbing dick. Watch the sexy and hot Tiffany working that meat pole until the guy blows his load on her face after her little interview. We hope you liked it and do return next week for some more nice scenes everyone!

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BackroomFacials – Kennedy Leigh

Hey there guys, BackroomFacials has somewhat of a special update to show off. In this week’s gallery we bring you a smoking hot babe by the name of Kennedy Leigh and you know what kind of women we always service here. Miss Kennedy is here to get her fair share of cock and jizz for the day like in Kim’s cumshot galleries and she seems intent to not leave without the good white stuff spread all over her beautiful face in this gallery. And to add some more detail, this little lady sais that she goes out of her way to have guys blow their load on her cute face every time she gets the chance. Oh we also want to tell you that we’ll have some nice and intriguing Backroom Facials videos very soon.

As the cameras start to roll you get to see miss Kennedy Leigh as she sits on the black couch giving her little interview. Eventually her pair for the fuck session today comes through the door, and she can se that this guy is packing a sizable cock even through his pants. Well it was time to get to the action and so she got him over as she took his cock out and started to suck on it with a passion. When she was done with her little deep throat cock sucking session, she continues to jerk the lucky guy’s cock in this back room facials. And sure enough when the guy is ready to blow he releases his jizz load on her pretty face. We hope you liked it and see you next time! See an extra incredible blowing and fucking scene right here, now that you got all fired up!


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Janelle James Backroom Facials

Today we bring you a Janelle James Backroom Facials update with the cute and sexy porn star. IF you don’t know of her we’re pretty sure that you will remember her name after this creamy facial update for sure. She’s a really cute lady of Latino descent and as most Latinas she has quite a hunger for cocks. Today she’s going to be the one that gets her cute little face covered in jizz by our male porn star. So let’s just sit back and watch her go at his dick for the rest afternoon, you will be in for quite an amazing show with this horny cutie!


As Janelle’s scene starts off, she beings her shoot with a thing that always leads to some great sex, namely she got on her knees to suck and slurp on that big cock with a passion. Then, as you will see she presented the guy with her pussy that was just waiting for a cock pounding. So watch her spend a god while as the big cock works on her pussy and then watch her take her spot standing on her knees once more. The guy was about to shoot his load and she wanted all that jizz to land on her face at without fail. Enjoy it!

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